Rise, de Vicente Luengo

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hqdefaultDesde Alicante nos llega a nuestra redacción lo último de Rise.

Rise es de un compositor de Alicante, Vicente Luengo y este es el vídeo. Y la letra.

Music&Lyrics by Driving Maze (Vicente Luengo) 2016 (vicenteluengo@hotmail.com)

Music arranged and produced by David Tamargo in Wizard Productions Studio (speerulay@hotmail.com)
Cuadro: Anselmo Mateo


Laying on the cold floor
television on without sound
the rain of the night beats and calls.
If I walk a few steps
I can see it’s raining over
miles of frozen lights, chained to mine.

If I get up I could…
… that wooden chair breaking, bursting the steel glass.
If I get up I can see
lines of my hand moving, looking for a bigger line.
Now I stand and I flow
you and me flying over sea, you and me, you… me.
I stand and I flow
you and me flying over sea, holding onto wind
lost into the wind.

Caught in this net of ice.
Can you remember when we breathed
together and the river flowed so easily?

Now we have to rise again
escaping from the age of fools.
A golden step is at our feet now.



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